How to develop a poker face

how to develop a poker face

A poker face belies the need for transparency,can be learnt from role models in the parallel economy, and can be used to mask nervous gestures with effective. Misses with Attitude: Mastering the Poker Face for Career Success. Don't let emotions on the sleeve be your handicap in the workplace. How to Make & Keep a Poker Face | Poker Tutorials . The number one way to develop a great poker face.

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Many miscommunications can occur because female and male facial expressive styles vary so profoundly. Is it necessary to criticize people? Wear sunglasses to conceal where you are looking. Pay attention to your eyes. She wanted a reaction so she had an excuse to vent her temper on me; I refused to give it to her. He Speaks, She Speaks. Some expressions microexpressions are involuntary and subconscious.

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How to develop a poker face Alter, men are "a lot less frightened by negotiating. Can you take notes? Another good excuse if you really, really have to leave: And improv is fun. No one will ever tell you. I can actually take this one step .
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how to develop a poker face


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